The Path

ThePath300x200The acoustic guitar solo album, The Path, features 11 songs written and performed by Jackson Thatcher and can be purchased here and

The album has been well received by fellow musicians and fans alike. It’s a mixture of guitar greats, Tommy Emmanuel, Pete Huttlinger, and Andy McKee, rolled together with Jackson’s pop sensibilities and emotive writing.

“In all my years as a player and teacher, I’ve never personally known anyone so accomplished at his age as 14-year-old guitarist, Jackson Thatcher,” says Mike Bauer, solo artist who has also played with Pam Tillis, Little Big Town, Bo Diddley and others. “His debut CD, The Path, is a beautifully composed and performed project. The Path showcases his acoustic guitar style which has a wonderful blend of both technical prowess and heart with a writing style that’s both groovy and optimistic.”

The Path by Jackson Thatcher is available here.

In early January 2012, Jackson’s Dad said, “Hey, we need to sit down and set some goals for you for this year.” Jackson replied, “I’ve already set my goals. I want to record an acoustic album this year.”

“Recording an album sounds easy at first, but you have to write and arrange the songs. Nine songs are written now. (2 to go). I have great mentors (Mike Bauer and Pete Huttlinger). Then you need a better guitar than a $200 guitar. Just got a Martin guitar that is worth being recorded. So far, so good.

I need your help to get past the next hurdles of recording and mixing. There are expenses in pressing CDs too. You’ve heard a taste of my music in the Kickstarter video. Help me make this project happen. I’m willing to work hard and deliver you the prize packages promised. My project is called The Path. Please help me on this path of recording my first album.” —Jackson Thatcher

The album release party was at Puckett’s Nashville on February 19, 2013. The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter on October 15, 2012.