Hey Survey Monkeys,

Dad (lyrics) and I (music) wrote a song. And it goes somethin’ like this…

Survey Monkeys by The Survey Monkeys, written by Jackson Thatcher and Jay Thatcher

Survey Monkeys
© 2010 Jackson Thatcher and Jay Thatcher

I thought of you when I wrote this song
I went to the mall and took you along
Arrived at the food court for moo shu pork
Passed by the Bell and ate with a spork

Tried out the latest cell phone “touch”
I’d buy them all but that’d be too much
Then I got stopped what’d ya think of the mall?
Filled out the survey now I speak for them all

We’re the Survey Monkeys And we’re checkin’ the box
We’re the Survey Monkeys And we know how to rock
We’re the Survey Monkeys And we’ve come to your town
We’re the Survey Monkeys And we’re gonna get down

I’ll warn you now if you’re comin’ with me
It won’t take long to be a Survey Monkey
People that ask what I’m thinkin’ about
A piece of my mind I give with a shout


Went to the counter put make-up on
When I looked up I thought you were gone
Lady with a clipboard pulled you aside
You’re taking a survey monkey ride

Modified Chorus:
You’re a Survey Monkey And you’re checkin’ the box
You’re a Survey Monkey And you know how to rock
You’re a Survey Monkey Never been so proud
You’re a Survey Monkey Come on let’s get loud


I made this song and this is just me recording it and giving it to my band. we had won a recording session so i recorded this song online gave it to my band and then we went in the studio and recorded it with the whole band. the guy mixed the solo a little weird and there was some other things i am suprised he didnt fix. but its all ok. my band is the survey monkeys and u will find our band in the performance and buy the song. and also can buy seven nation army and sweet emotion.